Many Markets/Industries

Industry/Market Applications for our products Include:

World Magnetics Markets/Industries

durascan Magnetic Heads

  • ISO magnetic stripe cards / readers
  • Parking control access systems
  • Security access control systems
  • Check processing / verification: MICR, E13B, CMC-7
  • Transit / transportation ticketing
  • AFC Automated Fare Collections
  • ATB Automated Ticketing/Boarding
  • Drivers license, passports, loyalty / ID cards
  • Credit /Debit card readers
  • Banking / ATM machines
  • Currency / Banknote detection
  • Mail processing and sorting
  • Broadcast heads - audio / visual
  • Casinos & gaming / vending
  • Hotel /motel room security
  • Data - analog & digital storage

DesignFlex Pressure Switches

  • Aerospace / Aircraft
  • Agriculture / Farm
  • Air Conditioning / Heating
  • Alternative Energy
  • Aquaculture
  • Automotive / Transportation
  • Commercial Appliance
  • Computer / Technology
  • Construction / Heavy Equip
  • Kitchen / Home Appliance
  • HVAC / Ventilation
  • Marine
  • Medical / Surgical / Dental
  • Military & Defense
  • Office
  • Safety
  • Shipping

About Us

About World Magnetics

USA Made / Globally Responsive

Our products are made in the USA, engineered and crafted from our global manufacturing facility and world headquarters located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

Our passionate customer focus and complete end-to-end manufacturing capabilities provide many customer benefits, including simplified custom engineering; quick service / turn-around; and high-quality, durable product solutions. This approach has successfully built World Magnetics™ into a well-known, internationally respected brand, and we enjoy an expanding global customer base crossing the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Sales / full-service field representatives are headquartered in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom / England and the United States of America. Our international customer team responds to inquiries and communications from an average 125 different countries, representing over 50 different languages.

Diverse Industries / Shared History

Since 1962, World Magnetics has been successfully building customer relationships that withstand the test of time by delivering speedy custom design and engineering, responsive client-centered service and highly reliable / durable products. Acquiring DuMont Instrumentation in 1984, World Magnetics has gained invaluable knowledge from manufacturing diverse product lines, developed shared strengths and enjoyed unique economies of scale. Privately owned, we nimbly provide our customers uncompromising quality and flexibility without the limitations of shareholder-driven performance expectations. World Magnetics is the parent company of DesignFlex™ pressure switches and Durascan™ magnetic heads. Durascan™ is a leading producer of high-end magnetic heads for high-wear applications. DesignFlex™ is a leading producer of custom designed, ultra-sensitive pressure, vacuum and differential switches.

World Magnetics