Many Markets/Industries

Industry/Market Applications for our Switches Include:

World Magnetics Markets/Industries

durascan Magnetic Heads

  • ISO magnetic stripe cards / readers
  • Parking control access systems
  • Security access control systems
  • Check processing / verification: MICR, E13B, CMC-7
  • Transit / transportation ticketing
  • AFC Automated Fare Collections
  • ATB Automated Ticketing/Boarding
  • Drivers license, passports, loyalty / ID cards
  • Credit /Debit card readers
  • Banking / ATM machines
  • Currency / Banknote detection
  • Mail processing and sorting
  • Broadcast heads - audio / visual
  • Casinos & gaming / vending
  • Hotel /motel room security
  • Data - analog & digital storage

DesignFlex Pressure Switches

  • Aerospace / Aircraft
  • Agriculture / Farm
  • Air Conditioning / Heating
  • Alternative Energy
  • Aquaculture
  • Automotive / Transportation
  • Commercial Appliance
  • Computer / Technology
  • Construction / Heavy Equip
  • Kitchen / Home Appliance
  • HVAC / Ventilation
  • Marine
  • Medical / Surgical / Dental
  • Military & Defense
  • Office
  • Safety
  • Shipping


As a fully integrated concept-to-market manufacturer of custom pressure switches, precision magnetic heads, and metal / ceramic / plastic components, we are uniquely positioned to offer high-quality contracted engineering, manufacturing and specialty machine shop services. In fact, much of our specialty manufacturing is considered the industry standard!

Precision Machine Shop Services
  • Precision crafting done by highly skilled experts in their fields (metals, ceramics, plastics)
  • Contract engineering, manufacturing, and machine shop services including lapping, grinding, machining, polishing, buffing and more. (includes magnetic head refurbishing and replacement)
  • In-house experience, technology and materials for precision metal, ceramic, and plastics work
  • Modern integrated manufacturing facility including in-house:
    • tooling, dies, molds, fixtures
    • die casting, stamping, injection & compression molding
    • lapping, grinding, machining, and assembly
  • Our engineering and manufacturing teams will work directly with you to help solve your machining needs and challenges
  • High quality, competitive pricing and prompt turnaround service as an outsourced vendor
  • Crafted and Made in USA
  • For more info, contact us or visit the durascan website at
Our Customer Service

The secret of our success is really quite simple; we contribute to yours. We listen, collaborate, engineer affordable solutions and deliver quality crafted products to you... on time. From concept to market, your engineering, design and production needs are met entirely in-house, giving us exacting quality control of your order, the ability to minimize costs and maximize savings, and the ability to respond quickly to your needs. And should you need us in the future, we'll still be listening.

From simple applications to complex projects, our long-term customer relationships and reputation as a world-class manufacturer have earned us an impressive list of customer partners, including Intel, Raytheon, Honeywell, Kodak, Motorola and Hitachi to name just a few.

World Magnetics