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VEP - Value Engineered Products Pressure Switches

Aerospace Pressure Switches • Vacuum Switches • Differential Switches

Low, Mid-Range and High Pressure Switches for Sensing Vacuum, Differential and Dual Differential Pressure
Rugged, accurate and highly precise. Designed for long-lasting accuracy, repeatability and reliability under the most demanding aerospace applications.

Since 1969, VEP - Value Engineered Products has designed and built high quality pressure, vacuum, differential & dual differential pressure switches for the Aircraft / Aerospace industry. Offering both high and low pressure switches with the ability to withstand high proof pressure has allowed the VEP switches to be used in a vast array of applications including Airspeed Detection, Rudder Control Assist and Landing Gear Safety Systems.

Now a part of the World Magnetics family of pressure, vacuum, and differential switches, VEP models continue to deliver the long-lasting accuracy, repeatability, and reliability that has set the industry standard for over 40 years. Whether you require air pressure and air flow detection, or protection of hydraulic or fuel systems, you can count on VEP for rugged, yet precise performance.

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