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Industries & Applications

Industry / market applications for our switches include:

Aerospace, Agriculture, Air Conditioning, Aircraft, Alternative Energy, Aquaculture, Automotive, Commercial Appliance, Computer, Defense, Farm, Heating, Heavy Equipment, Home Appliance, HVAC, Kitchen, Marine, Medical, Military, Office, Safety, Shipping, Surgical and Ventilation.


Examples:  Air proving, ventilation flow, exhaust ducts, cleaning and purification, air filter health / status, fans, dirt and dust filter loading. Gas furnaces, pellet stove heaters, combustion exhaust venting, exhaust / flue airflow blockage, flue gas, gas pressure, induced draft, heating / venting blower fan, boilers, fuel oil delivery. Refrigeration, cooling fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers. Water heating systems, heat pumps, sump pump / drain control, hot tubs, pools, spas, liquid level.

large commercial HVAC system against blue sky showing HVAC engineering applications for DesignFlex pressure switches.


Examples:  Emergency, intensive care, surgical, rehabilitation. Respiratory therapy, assisted breathing, portable oxygen concentrator, gas level, drug delivery, inhaler / vapor dispenser, nebulizer, alcohol breath analyzer, anesthesia delivery, HEPA filter health, kidney dialysis, reverse osmosis purification. Patient monitors: pulse, breathing rate, blood pressure, intraarticular pressure. Surgical / dental vacuum, suction, air delivery. Sip and puff control & actuators (e.g., hospital bed controls, wheelchair steering).

patient entering medical imaging MRI scanner showing medical applications for DesignFlex pressure switches.


Examples:  Gas-fired appliance exhaust venting, liquid product level, fill level / water pressure, chemical dispensing, operating cycle control, hot water tank pressure, filter status, control pumps, lights, blowers, burners. Restaurant equipment, deep fryers, convection / pizza ovens, grills, beverage syrup dispensers, coffee machines, espresso machines, cappuccino machines, dishwashers, ice makers, washers, dryers, food vacuum sealers, vacuum cleaners, pellet wood stoves.

espresso coffee beverage machine showing commercial equipment application for DesignFlex pressure switches.


Examples:  Heavy equipment, earth movers, backhoes, bulldozers, cranes. Tractors, irrigation and harvesting machinery, aquaculture systems, animal care. Heavy duty air / fluid filtering; oil and hydraulic systems; differential, transmission, and drivetrain; air, water, and oil pumps. Comfort air movement systems, vacuum dairy milking.

crop irrigation equipment spraying green farm field showing agricultural applications for DesignFlex pressure switches.


Examples:  Hybrid cars, passenger cars, vans, sports / race cars, semi trucks, recreational vehicles, boats, motorized vehicles. Emission control, exhaust recirculation control, turbo, manifold vacuum, fuel injection, air and fluid pressure, filter monitoring, pre-cranking lubrication, on-start engine monitoring, Boat / marine bilge pump, drinking water pump, trim tab hydraulics.

stainless steel automobile car engine showing automotive application for DesignFlex vacuum switches.


Examples:  Commercial / military aircraft, ships, ground transport vehicles, marine watercraft, communications and weaponry. NASA astronaut space helmets, cabin pressure, oxygen masks, air speed monitor, holding tanks, vacuum toilet, missile / aircraft guidance, helicopter systems, unmanned aircraft controls, rocket propulsion controls. Ship controls, nuclear submarine navigation, arc-fault detection, chemical dispenser, depth charges, bombs, tanks. Patriot, Trident, Predator, HMMWV / Humvee.

jet aircraft engine representing aerospace and aeronautical engineering applications for DesignFlex vacuum and pressure switches.


Examples:  DesignFlex™ switch products conserve valuable energy by using electrical power only when activated by pressure, vacuum or differential pressure. Our eco-conscious switch designs are employed in a wide variety of alternative energy and environmentally friendly applications. Alternative energy, hybrid automobiles, electric vehicles / automobiles, hydrogen fuel cells, fuel cells, batteries, on-demand systems, alternative fuel heaters, wood and corn pellet stoves, wind turbine and solar energy battery storage systems. Ozone generators, air quality monitors, air filtering detection, air and water filtration / purification, no flush toilets and waste systems, energy conserving products.

earth, green grass and blue sky representing environmental, eco-friendly applications for DesignFlex pressure switches.


Examples:  Robotics, path / position detection, pneumatic actuator / traffic counter, vacuum detection, edge detection, production pick and place, presence / absence, liquid level low / high, refill, process breaks, low pressure motor on, high pressure motor off, sealed systems pressure, compressors, pumps, industrial ultraviolet drying, semiconductor process solution, automated tool driver, spray paint pressure, test equipment pressure calibration.

robotic arms showing robotics manufacturing application for DesignFlex pressure switches, vacuum switches and differential switches.


Examples:  Edge detection / auto reverse, pressure and vacuum monitoring, blockage detection, low / high alarms, safety interlock, valve position, auto shutoff. Safety doors (elevator, subway, bus, garage), mining gas sampling, drainage, exhaust flues, pump inlets, power ventilation, chamber pressure, explosive purge pressure, fuel dispensers, traffic counters, event recorders, vehicle loading position, heating / cooling pressure, asbestos removal vacuum, fire helmet air supply, astronaut helmet pressure / air supply. Hazardous leaks, Radon gas detection.

firefighter wearing fire helmet protection showing safety application for DesignFlex pressure switches, vacuum switches and differential switches.


Examples:  Office equipment, fan cooling, pressure monitoring, positioning, pick / place. Computer server motherboards / processors, tape drive / storage devices, tape speed, inkjet / laser printers, ink well pressure, carriage position, printer head cooling fan, paper handling, high-speed scanning and sorting, photo copiers, check scans, lift labels, letter / envelope vacuum insert, silk-screening film position, sealed cable pressure, lighting gas pressure.

inkjet printer on desktop showing technology application for DesignFlex pressure switches, vacuum switches and differential switches.