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You've worked long and hard to build your company, your products, and your brand. Mission critical or not, let our experience and proven pressure switch and magnetic head solutions help your products perform at their best.

Our PRESSURE switch products - pressure, VACUUM AND DIFFERENTIAL

DesignFlex Switches

Why DesignFlex™ - Prompt design to delivery, responsive service, eco-friendly design, vertical manufacturing and more than 40 years in business have transformed DesignFlex (by World Magnetics™) into a globally trusted, leading manufacturer of pressure switch, vacuum switch and differential pressure switch solutions.

Our Pressure Switches... Many modular porting/custom design options readily available. Our long life, dependable, ultra-sensitive switches are miniature in size, lightweight and OEM priced, making DesignFlex Pressure Switch, Vacuum Switch, and Differential Switch products the trusted choice across many varied industries and applications. Patented shock and vibration resistant switches, high current switches, low current switches, field adjustable set point switches, special materials, food grade, military spec, and much more.

Henry G. Dietz

Why Henry G. Dietz™ - Both rugged and precise, Henry G. Dietz (Dietz) pressure switches are the ideal choice for long-lasting, repeatable performance in harsh industrial environments. Heavy-duty housings and mounting brackets protect internal components in applications such as construction and earth-moving equipment, marine and rail transportation, and chemical and sewage plants. Many models have field-adjustable actuation points, and the Dietz Model 170D is shock and vibration resistant.

From air pressure and air flow detection to protection of air-cooled electronic equipment, Henry G. Dietz pressure, vacuum, and differential switches will provide years of precise, reliable performance.

Value Engineered Products - VE Products - VEP

Why VEP™ - Both lightweight and precise, VEP (VE Products) pressure switches are the ideal choice for long-lasting, repeatable performance in the most demanding aerospace applications. The piston and dual spring design allows the switch to be used in high proof pressure applications where accuracy and stability is critical such as landing gear & braking systems. Many models are shock and vibration resistant as well as being available in stainless steel which allows them to meet the FAA 15 minute flame test requirement.

From air speed and airflow detection to landing gear and brake safety systems, VEP pressure, vacuum and differential switches will provide years of precise, reliable performance.


Durascan Magnetic Heads

Why Durascan™  - Durascan magnetic heads is a leading producer of high-end magnetic heads and sensors for high-wear applications.  As a fully integrated concept-to-market manufacturer of precision magnetic heads and magnetic sensors, we're uniquely positioned to offer high-quality, competitive pricing, and prompt service/delivery for both standard and custom designs. Improve reliability, durability, reduce costs, and shorten your time to market. Durascan by World Magnetics, building customer relationships and setting industry standards for more than 40 years!

Our manufacturing facilities include die-casting, stamping, injection and compression molding, machining and assembly. We manufacture our own tooling, dies, molds and fixtures, ensuring fast turnaround on your custom designs. Specialty materials are also available.


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