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Adaptive Sports Fishing - DesignFlex Switch Controls Ken's Power Caster Fishing System! 

A Simple Breath of Air Brings Control to a Revolutionary Hands-Free, Adaptive Sport Fishing System


adaptive sports fishing with kens power casting system using designflex PSF100A pressure switch by World Magnetics
 On his first day out fishing with the sip-n-puff controlled unit, a customer from Oregon was able to successfully fight and reel in a couple of beautiful Steelheads...11lb and 8lb...  His first independently landed fish in over 15 years!

Press Release   03/08/2012
DesignFlex Switches, a World Magnetics Company
Waltersburg, Pennsylvania

Adaptive Creations faced many challenges while designing the Ken's Power Caster Fishing System for severely disabled persons.

One such challenge was designing a sip and puff system to allow reliable control of their revolutionary fully automated fishing machine. A key part of this system is the pressure sensing element, and it was this factor that led the designer and company founder, Ken Dvorchak, to contacting World Magnetics Company. With over 50 years of reliable switch manufacturing and extensive experience in sip and puff applications, World Magnetics Company was keen to help.

Having identified the special requirements of the application, World Magnetics was able to recommend the patented shock and vibration approved PSF100A DesignFlex pressure switch. This switch uses a design which eliminates false actuation in the harshest environments and is ideal for mounting in portable control devices. With a Pressure, Vacuum and Differential pressure range down to 0.5” H20, this switch senses even the slightest of breaths and is the perfect solution for low pressure switching applications.

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DesignFlex Switch Press Release - 03/08/2012
Written By:  Martin Paul