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  1. COVID-19—World Magnetics Fills Pandemic Rush Order for Ventilator Pressure Switches. Essential supplier World Magnetics fills pandemic rush order for 16,000 COVID-19 Ventilator Pressure Switches. Read More
  2. Monitoring Hydraulic Systems Safety - Boom Supersonic Aerospace XB-1 Demonstrator Aircraft - Partnering with Boom Supersonic, the VEP 490 Series aerospace pressure switches monitor the hydraulic systems safety on the new XB-1 supersonic demonstrator aircraft. Read More
  3. Introducing New Sealed Housing, Field Adjustable DesignFlex PSF111 - New DesignFlex PSF111 series switch for hostile environment applications, features field adjustable, waterproof snap-action microswitch in protective housing. Read More
  4. NEW Lightweight Aerospace Switches from Value Engineered Products (VEP) - Aircraft applications include landing gear systems, brake systems, air speed and air flow detection, where reliability and safety are paramount.   Read More
  5. Managing Safety Levels - PHYSIOLAB Medical Innovative Soft Tissue Repair Machine - The DesignFlex PSF103 pressure switch monitors safety levels for soft tissue repair medical unit. Read More
  6. Winning Sailing Performance With Melvin Kinnear - Quadriplegic World Champion sailor, Melvin Kinnear, sails with custom designed Sip-and-Puff DesignFlex pressure switch system. Read More
  7. Revolutionary New DesignFlex PSF200A - New DesignFlex PSF200A series switch for dual set point or redundancy applications, sports revolutionary double-contact, double-diaphragm design. Read More
  8. Crucial Crimefighting DNA Collection - The M-Vac machine enables better crimefighting DNA sample collection using DesignFlex pressure switches PSF103 and PSF109. Read More
  9. High Flying Aircraft Pressure Switch Helps Farm Productivity - Earl's Flying Service uses DesignFlex pressure switch to monitor airplane spray fertilization hopper. Read More
  10. Latest Military Shock And Vibration Specification Approved - Announcing the re-approval of the Model 170D/171D to the MIL-STD-901-D. This brings the part in line with the latest military shock and vibration specification and makes it the ideal choice for air flow & filter protection applications in extreme environments. Read More
  11. Even Baby Sea Otters Need Pressure Switches! - Oregon Coast Aquarium's Animal Life Support team uses highly-reliable DesignFlex PSF103 pressure switch for their critical ozone filtration system. Read More
  12. Integrating Art and Technology - Exhibit Comes To Life! Interactive art and technology exhibit Blow Four by SuperUber. DesignFlex pressure switch brings interactive art exhibit to life! Read More
  13. (***, - - -, ***) World Magnetics Company to the Rescue! Sip and Puff communications with DesignFlex switches powers unique morse code device for hands-free emergency communication. Read More
  14. Dietz 103B Switch Makes Airflow Detection Simple - A reliable and cost effective alternative for airflow detection. For simple airflow detection, the Dietz 103B switch with stainless steel air vane offers the perfect solution. Read More
  15. Adaptive Sports Fishing Using DesignFlex Switches! - "Gone Fishing" adaptive style with Ken's Power Caster sip and puff fishing system. The Adaptive Sports system allows reliable control of their revolutionary fully automated fishing machine using DesignFlex switches by World Magnetics. Read More
  16. Latest Military Shock And Vibration Specification Approved for DesignFlex PSF100A - Patented double-contact, double-diaphragm configuration makes this product unique in the pressure switch industry and offers a configuration which virtually eliminates false actuation. The PSF100A is the perfect choice for cost effective pressure detection in harsh environments. Read More
  17. New Affordable Switch Series For Harsh Industrial Applications - Henry G. Dietz and World Magnetics are pleased to announce the release of the new Dietz 200 series pressure switch. Designed with harsh industrial applications in mind, the 200 series offers a robust, high quality and reliable switch at an affordable price. Read More
  18. Introducing the New, Ultra-Sensitive, Low-Range DesignFlex PSF102 - A new range has been added to our PSF102 Series Pressure, Vacuum and Differential switch allowing us to now sense pressure or vacuum as low as 0.03" H20. Read More
  19. RG Group, A Key Fluid Handling And Motion Control Industry Leader To Represent World Magnetics Switch Companies. The RG Group is a key design, manufacture, sales and service company specializing in the fluid handling and motion control industry in the mid-Atlantic United States. Read More