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Integrating Art and Technology - Exhibit Comes To Life!

Interactive Art and Technology Exhibit Blow Four by SuperUber. DesignFlex Pressure Switch Brings Interactive Art Exhibit To Life!

interactive art and technology exhibit Blow Four by SuperUber uses designflex pressure switch by World Magnetics
 Blow Four Art & Technology Exhibit by SuperUber using DesignFlex Pressure Switch technology by World Magnetics.
This permanent exhibit can be seen at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art's contemporary collection in
Norman, Oklahoma.

Press Release   11/01/2011
Norman, Oklahoma 

When the Art and Technology design company SuperUber researched sensors to realize their vision for the interactive installation Blow Four they looked to Global Industrial Products and World Magnetics for a solution.

Blow Four explores the ephemeral nature of our digital lives and the importance of collaboration. Visitors bring images to life using just their breath. As visitors blow, the Installation amplifies this action creating an intimate connection with the digital world. This essential movement of the body is what keeps the installation alive, allowing up to four people to interact and reveal a complete image.

Due to the unique requirements of the piece and the need for an ultra reliable pressure switch solution, SuperUber selected World Magnetics. The switch utilizes the World Magnetics patented double diaphragm design eliminating the risk of false actuation and gives dependable long life in excess of 20 million Cycles.

World Magnetics offers a complete range of pressure switches suitable for a wide array of applications including appliance, industrial, medical, and military. Full details on all the products that are available within the World Magnetics range can be viewed at

SuperUber combines a creative atelier with a technology lab and its unique design style, to create multimedia and interactive projects for culture, education, entertainment and advertising. With offices in Brazil and the USA, SuperUber's work has been shown throughout the world. For further information about SuperUber please visit and to see the exhibit in action please visit

Blow Four is part of Fred Jones Jr Museum of Art's contemporary collection and is in permanent Exhibition at the University of Oklahoma Museum, in Norman, Oklahoma, USA.

World Magnetics | DesignFlex switch products are engineered and crafted at our global manufacturing facility and world headquarters located in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. Our passionate customer focus and complete end-to-end manufacturing capabilities provide many customer benefits, including simplified custom engineering; quick service; and high-quality, durable product solutions.

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SuperUber Press Release - 11/01/2011
Written By:  Martin Paul