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  1. DesignFlex

    Pressure Switches
    Modular & Custom Design
    Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
    From Ocean Depths to Outer Space - Medical Operating Rooms to
    Living Rooms.

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  2. Dietz

    Industrial Pressure Switches
    Since 1947, the Henry G. Dietz Company has designed and built heavy duty low pressure switches, vacuum switches, and differential switches for many demanding applications.

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  3. VEP - Value Engineered Products

    Aerospace / Aircraft Switches
    Since 1969, VEP have manufactured economical, fluid-actuated switches for sensing vacuum, differential and dual differential pressure for the Aerospace industry.

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Overview / Services

Our passionate customer focus and complete end-to-end manufacturing capabilities provide many customer benefits, including simplified custom engineering; quick service / turn-around; and high-quality, durable product solutions. This approach has successfully built World Magnetics™ into a well-known, internationally respected brand, and we enjoy an expanding global customer base crossing the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania.

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  1. COVID-19—World Magnetics Fills Pandemic Rush Order for Ventilator Pressure Switches. Essential supplier World Magnetics fills pandemic rush order for 16,000 COVID-19 Ventilator Pressure Switches. Read More
  2. Monitoring Hydraulic Systems Safety - Boom Supersonic Aerospace XB-1 Demonstrator Aircraft - Partnering with Boom Supersonic, the VEP 490 Series aerospace pressure switches monitor the hydraulic systems safety on the new XB-1 supersonic demonstrator aircraft. Read More